The story of Alidede started with 50-year-old sourdough leftover from our grandmother.After being preserved for three generations in the family, the Alidede brand was established in 2015 to bring together the experience of handmade natural şalgam production with our valued customers.

The Alidede brand comes from one of the oldest neighborhoods of Adana and is where we were born and grew up.Our şalgam is produced entirely by traditional methods and no additives or preservatives are used. In the fermentation process, no heat treatment is applied to speed up the process and this process is completed naturally in an average of 40-45 days.Our şalgam production is done using 100% natural sourdough yeast, and industrial yeast is never used.We are striving to offer you the taste of real Adana şalgam - without sacrificing hygiene rules- by meticulously applying these traditional production processes that enable şalgam to become şalgam.

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